Saturday, July 11, 2009


Ever since our Sweet Girl could talk, she wanted a kitten. When she was four, I bought her a beautiful white fluffy STUFFED cat. She was disappointed. When she was five Daddy suggested getting a kitten. I was shocked and at first didn't want one. We never had cats growing up but the minute Sissy moved out, she got TWO. So I found someone who was giving away kittens...ON CHRISTMAS EVE. What's the chance of that!?

She squeezed her big behind between the couch and the table (without knocking over the picture frames) to get that little tiny dried leaf from a rose. She loves plastic toys and things that roll too.

Kitty was so tiny and beautiful. She still is. You can't tell from the photos really but she has a huge fluffy tail. Not bad for a free kitten. Are there any other kind? Kitty had a tiny meow and we locked her in the office until the next morning, (with food and a liter box of course). The video of our Sweet Girl and baby Bubba is priceless. (He was 15 months old).

Everyone in our family loves our Kitty, but she is not a friendly cat. (Sometimes you find one!) She hisses at people and sometimes has been known to bite. But is a lot like a dog in some ways, maybe that's why we love her. Cats are all about ME-ME-MEow. This one isn't. She actually plays hide-and-seek with Daddy. It's something to send in to American's Funniest Home Video!

I am the one who feeds her even though the children are suppose to do that as a "chore". When the children do not do there chore, the cat will look elsewhere when she is thirsty. (See above photo)

I am the one who handles the liter box also. Daddy is the one who gets lots of love from her. Sweet Girl is the one who gets to sleep with her.

(Please excuse the photo of my shower. I should have cleaned it first but I was capturing the moment.)

The Difference Between Cats and Dogs:
(I heard this at church - SuperDoc)

A dog looks at the human and thinks, he feeds me...he takes care of me...he loves me...HE must be God.

A cat looks at the human and thinks, he feeds me...he takes care of me...he loves me...I must be God.

Is it true or is it true?!

"But God remembered Noah and all the wild animals and the livestock that were with him in the ark, and he sent a wind over the earth, and the waters receded" Genesis 8:1

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