Saturday, July 18, 2009

Camping Photos Part 2

Our children and our friend's children are pretty close in age. My princess is 11 and Bubba will be 7 in a few weeks. The boys are 10 and 8. The grown-ups went on this ride too. No pictures though (or none that I am going to share).

Driving Miss Daisy? Nope, my princess is actually doing the driving (control freak, never! Where does she get that from?)

I didn't actually get a pickle on a stick.

I did however have a few cheese fries and a few pierogies...and a few tator triangles... and a few chicken fries and some apple chips and ice-cream waffle...ok, I'll stop there at the park food. The camp food, now that's another story.

My girl and I didn't go on this log flume type of ride. She didn't want to get wet. By the end of the day (which was 95 degrees) she was soaked on the Skloosh. I was standing at the observation area and got wet so there are no pictures. I am always afraid of the camera getting damaged.

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